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Prepaid calling cards

What is the phone cards?

Prepaid phone calling cards is a method of fulfilment long-distance or trunk calls on an advance payment. You do not need to pay any monthly gathering, it is not necessary to pay for connection, and also there is no necessity to sign any contract. To you telephone accounts in the end of month will not come. You simply pay during your calls in advance payment and reduce balance of a international calling card as make calls.

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Long Distance Calling Cards Overview

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A little history of phone cards

The first prepaid calling cards appeared in Italy in 1976. The first public telephone were also set in Italy and in Rome next to the outlets that sell these cards. The company, which produced the world's first phone cards called SIDA. These cards have been very inconvenient to use, they are stuck in telephone handsets, did not show how much money is on the balance of the card. Much later, in 1981 calling cards have appeared in Germany, Belgium, France, Britain, and quickly spread throughout Europe. In the USA calling phone cards appeared only in 1991. This service has become very popular. Today the world without telephone cards can not be imagined. The recent development of electronic calling cards. Buy these long distance phone cards can only be special online shops. They represent certain information for access to telecommunication provider and have no physical shell.

Modern international phone cards can not only cheap calls to other countries, but also provide a range of related services. For example a conference call, phone calls from your computer, replenishment of balance of mobile phone, etc. These services are basically free, you only pay for a call. See related services in the description of a calling card.

Competition between telephone companies consistently leads to improved communication and reduce the cost of international calls. On our site are cards for more than 30 telecommunications companies. This is a very famous, such as Continental, Bizon, Champion, Royal Call, Hello from UK, Solaris, AT&T phone cards, as well as lesser known companies, but not inferior in quality and price.

How to buy calling card

First you need to choose the route your call. This can be done using the drop-down list at the top of the site or at a table in the center of the main page.

Then you need to choose prepaid phone card that best fits your price and conditions of use. We advise you to pay attention to the rating of a phone calling card, which is displayed as asterisks.

After selecting a international calling cards and its face-value you need to register, choose a payment method to pay and check e-mail that you provided during registration.

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