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Elfoid 6 phones that go beyond the eastern limits of the bizarre
Entry added: 29 December 2011
Unsurprisingly the east side of the Earth owns some of the most advanced technologies in the market, and is responsible for many of the most bizarre ever made. If you doubt, just check the list that Tecmundo prepared to show some of the weirdest of the cellular market. Deco-den | Finger Whisper | Cigarettes | Flexible | Football 1. Elfoid ... read complete article →
3G modem What is 3G?
Entry added: 25 December 2011
3G is a mobile technology that allows users to surf the internet at high speed without using wires. Can be used with a modem (for desktop and notebook) or mobile phones. To illustrate, imagine the following situation: Suppose you're on the beach, so that you can not connect your laptop to the internet. And now, what to do? Easy: Take stock of yo... read complete article →
First cell phone Telephone: From brick to the small plate
Entry added: 22 December 2011
You know how the analogue network, the radio base and when the first call was made on a mobile phone? See also the comparison of the first model launched on the market in 1983 with an Iphone released this year. The evolution of cell phones and how they went from "bricks" of almost 1 kg for small appliances, fine and super useful Have you ever... read complete article →
Bluetooth Bluetooth Technology Comes to Our House
Entry added: 16 December 2011
Why is it called Bluetooth? Harald Bluetooth was king of Denmark in the late 900. He managed to unite Denmark and part of Norway into one kingdom then introduced Christianity in Denmark. He left a large monument, the Jelling rune stone, in memory of their parents. Bluetooth died in 986 during a battle with his son, Svend Forkbeard. The choice of n... read complete article →
Phone call Talk to friends abroad for free
Entry added: 12 December 2011
Links of DDD or DDI in the same way that local calls are charged per minute. The difference is the price per minute, which makes them very expensive. Enough to charge absurd prices for five dollars a minute. Even finding the rates an exaggeration, we often need to make such contacts is due professional, personal or family. Talking running beside... read complete article →
Congstar Congstar prepaid card purchase - that you should consider
Entry added: 9 December 2011
The Congstar prepaid card is a rechargeable credit card with no contract. The prepaid card has a few options you should consider when buying. With the Congstar prepaid card you pay only what you actually spend on their mobile phones. The prepaid card is particularly beneficial for people who use their cell phones or little control spending exact... read complete article →
Bluetooth with the iPhone 3G Use the iPhone 3G as a modem
Entry added: 7 December 2011
If you're traveling, you can use the iPhone 3G as a modem. They establish the connection via Bluetooth. Ask However, if your mobile carrier charges for calls. You can use the iPhone 3G as a modem when you have been playing by the latest software update. You have the option of the iPhone 3G via USB or using the Bluetooth interface to use as a hot... read complete article →
AIM download ICQ use an Android app - how it works
Entry added: 5 December 2011
Many people already use AIM on your pc with your friends and family to get in touch. If you want to use AIM on your Android phone, you can easily download the AIM Market. How does it work and be careful of what you should show the following article. AIM App Download If you have chosen to download the AIM app on your Android phone, there are... read complete article →
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